We are attracting best IT experts who create successful technology products for our customers.

Readiness to meet challenges

We specialise and research further possibilities in the complex fields of intelligent transportation, connected mobility and payment integration, but we are also open to other demanding business opportunities.

Predictability and transparency

We deliver the projects on time and within the agreed budget. We cooperate closely with our customers, update regularly and make sure any unexpected challenges are discussed and solved before they become problems.


We work agile and try to involve all, but no more than necessary, team members needed at each specific stage of the project. Thanks to our reputation and management skills, we can easily scale the team working on your project exactly when it’s needed.

Focus on people

We understand that every system we design and develop is meant for users and we put great effort to meet their actual needs. We pay no less attention to the needs and comfort of our customers and team members.

Long-term cooperation

We believe that building and developing something of a great quality together over time is the most satisfactory thing you can do. We learn from our customers and each other to make the relationships smooth and successful.

Constant improvement and curiosity

We never make the same mistakes twice. We look back at what we have done, think about possible improvements, ask questions and search for answers in an inventive and unrestricted manner. We are both open and questioning towards new solutions and adapt only the best of them.

ElektroPark Team












QA, R&D Tech

Our employees are passionate about their work and treat the tasks with full responsibility and commitment. Being professionals in their field, ElektroPark specialists are not afraid to make non-standard and creative decisions to make your project not only high-quality, but also unique.